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Let's get the bitcoin logo into the 2024 MINI challenge !

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

We are a small, passionate racing team with a big idea – to accelerate Bitcoin adoption!

What started out as a small family affair attracting attention in a lowly championship has developed into a team with big ambitions. What if we could get the Bitcoin logo in front of millions of people worldwide & get people asking the right questions?

After 2 years racing in the Nankang CityCar Cup with 4 pocket-rocket C1s, we dabbled with the pinnacle of top level motorsport earlier in 2023 by getting a few rounds in the Porsche Carrera Cup – one of the most watched racing championships in the UK - piloted by Netflix star & pro-am driver Sebastian Melrose.

Unfortunately we only had enough money to complete in a couple of rounds, so we’re planning earlier this year to get a full season in the Vertu Mini Challenge in 2024. These are the crazy 300 Bhp minis & the championship is part of the Touring car package. That means live TV coverage & spectator numbers are in the millions.

We’ll still be running the C1s next year as it’s the perfect professional racing championship for rookie drivers. If that’s something you fancy, hit us up!

This page is about making this happen. We’re partnering with Bitcoiners, Bitcoin companies & people from all over the world who are passionate about motorsport enjoying seeing a completely different approach. We’re creating quite a buzz & love doing what we can to give back to the community, but, like most things, it all comes down to money or Bitcoin!

So, we’ve put together some cool rewards including hot laps, team meets, merchandise, your name on a car & many others for people who help us. You’re also welcome just to send us a few sats – however small – to help us on the way & you can do that right here!

If you’re looking for sponsorship, slots are available from as little as £5,000. You can pay monthly & offset the cost against corporation tax. You can also provide top notch hospitality for clients & we’d love to deliver some really creative “out of the box” ideas for your brand! Find our deck here..

Whatever you do, just you being here is great support & we appreciate it!

About the team

Set up by the Mackenzies, the family has a pedigree in racing thanks to Andrew’s extensive career & his sons, Chris and Charlie, were in go-karts from a very young age.

In 2008, the family was hit by the crash, losing first their businesses & then – almost – their family home. As they struggled to recover over the following years, they discovered Bitcoin & began to understand why the financial system had failed them.

In 2020, they decided it was time to give back & started a little racing team, competing in the City Car Cup with 4 little C1s, all “Bitcoin Racing” branded. The idea was to start spreading the word as far as they could, even with limited reosurces.

In 2022, the team met Bitcoin speaker & author Jason Deane & joined forces. Later that year, the whole team went to El Salvador to meet with government officials - including the vice president – to agree an official support package for the team. Bitcoin Racing is now officially endorsed by the government of El Salvador & proudly flies its flag on the roof of each vehicle!

2024 goals

We plan to run 4 C1s as before, but for huge brand presence & TV coverage, we plan to run up to 3 cars in the Mini Challenge.

We will also deliver a “Drive to Survive” style documentary following the championship and drivers for extra coverage.

How to help

We’d love financial support, but you can also help by following us on Twitter & RT’ing to your followers, coming to the races or just talking about us! The more coverage we get, the more questions people outside of Bitcoin will ask!

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